When I was juggling my corporate job and being a mom to my two boys, it seemed nearly impossible to put myself together to go into work. I had the wardrobe, but when I was constantly running out the door, I never seemed to have the time to accessorize and pull together an outfit that made me feel good about myself. I’d always get to work and realize I’d forgotten to add that special something to my outfit. I’m sure there are days that you feel this way too. So many women I speak to on a daily basis face this same problem. They are too busy to take the extra steps to pull something together but later wished they had made the time for themselves.

Women are balancing so many responsibilities and priorities and so often they don’t have time for the little things that can be so important. I created Sonia V Boutique because I believe wearing something beautiful every day can help women feel better about themselves and feel better about their lives. When women feel well put together, they’re happier and ready to tackle whatever comes their way. I hope I can help you do this too!

Please browse our online store and envision how you’d like to look and feel when tackling your day. I’m always available to help you find the right accessories for your look as well!


“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” —Sophia Loren